Friday, March 28, 2008

Rude Rainbow

After Captain Jack revealed his hidden talent tonight as a spot-on George impersonator, it reminded me of this epsiode of Rainbow.

So, who'd like to play with Janes maraccas? :D

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Think you know music?

Having seen Captain Jacks musical picture quiz this week, it reminded of another that's been knocking around on the net for a while now which you may or may not have seen before.

The picture below (click on it for a larger version) contains representations of 75 bands. Can you name them all?

I'll start you off with an easy one: B-52's

Answers in a week or so ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick Catchup

Been a while since I last posted so thought I'd better let you know what's kicking in the world of Shaunio!

Firstly, it was my birthday last Thursday and I've now reached the grand old age of.....33 although at the moment I feel much older!! I actually night of said birthday sleeping on the settee as I was so ill. Had a bad cold and a touch of the shakes, I believe it was that well known virus: Man Flu! Not the best start to a day but it got better later on when I got my presents: Unreal Tournament 3 and a PS3 bluetooth Headset (gaming in style now ;) )

I haven't got around to playing UT3 much yet as I'm currently engrossed in Call Of Duty 4 online multiplayer with which I haven't been as engrossed in online play since I used to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory constantly a couple of years back. The makers, Infinity Ward, have been very clever the online play and laid out an XP system along with personal objectives to give you something extra to play for above and beyond the standard deathmatch games. Unfortunately I get suckered into this type of thing and now feel compelled to 'level up' my character and complete said challenges, although some are ridiculously hard like 'kill an enemy, swap his gun for yours, and then kill him again with his old gun!!!'. Still, I like a challenge :D

This also means that the FIFA matches between me and Captain Jack have also taken a back seat although to be fair, I've not seen said pirate online for a while even though I've been on pretty much every night. We'll have to arrange something matey ;)

There was no karaoke for me last Thursday as I was on a night out with my colleagues from work at MegaBowl for a bit of ten-pin bowling and beers a plenty. Great night had by all although it finished at a funny time where it was too late to get to the hotel for last orders but late enough that everyone who had to work the next day decided to call it a night. Good fun none-the-less!

When I've not been playing CoD4, I've either been working (a 5:45 a.m. start for me this morning for a site release, not been up at that time for a very long time and jeez, it was like -18 outside, bloody freezing!) or working on my music. Really love playing around with music production and although I've never written a complete track, that is going to change. I'll shall [hopefully!] be blogging about a track that I'm going to put together as I'm determined to finish one that I can say I like and will be documenting how I go about it and what I learn along the way. It at least gives me some sort of defined goals which I find I often need in order to give me that 'push' to getting things done ( I like measurable achievements).

Anyway, that's about as exciting as it gets around here, so with that I'll let you get on with whatever you were doing before you came here :)

ciao for now