Friday, May 25, 2007

Karaoke - 24 May 2007

With Andy (the regular KJ) being on holiday and Scott & Hayley off to see Magnum (the band not the P.I.) I made the trek up to the hotel on my own this week (everyone say awwwww!).

I wasn't even sure that there was anything on but luckily they had splashed out on a replacement KJ who I think may be the one who does the Sunday lunches. Even luckier was that he was an up-to-date KJ, bar the last Sunfly, and so the choice of songs was pretty much to my liking. After pondering through his brick like book (why do some KJ's insist on listing only about 25-30 songs per page? Save some trees and print more per page, you CAN do two columns!), I finally put my songs in. No new ones for me though this week, just some of my favs from the year.

The hotel was actually busy for the first hour or so as the bowlers (there's a bowling green next to the hotel) stayed around until around 10:30 which is unusual. It was also unusual that some of them were actually getting up and singing as well. Someone must have spiked their drinks I guess!

The replacements KJ's sound system wasn't as good as Andys and it was very tinny on the background music. Singing on the system wasn't too bad but I wish he'd have turned the music up a little bit. I would say that the mic volume was nearly twice as loud as the backing which I wasn't too keen on and there was no changing either volume or adding any reverb/chorus to compensate once a singer started, something which Andy does have a knack for in getting some of us to sound a little better than we probably are! :p Ah well, musn't grumble, it wasn't too bad and at least there was something on.

This weeks songs:
  • Others: Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All
  • Others: Louise - Stuck In The Middle
  • Shaun: The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
  • Others: The Rubettes - Jukebox Jive
  • Others: Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
  • Others: Hank Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart
  • Others: Abba - Dancing Queen
  • Shaun: The Fratellis - Baby Fratelli
  • Others: Patsy Cline - Crazy
  • Others: Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U
  • Others: Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • Others: The Carpenters - Top Of The World
  • Shaun: Razorlight - In The Morning
  • Others: Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
  • Others: Robbie Williams - Angels
  • Others: Elvis - D'ya Ever (Have One Of Those Days)
  • Others: REO Speedwagon - I Can't Fight This Feeling
  • Shaun: The View - Same Jeans
  • Others: Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
  • Others: Boyzone - Words

Service half returns to normal next week with Andy back in control and Scott & Hayley jetting off on holiday (have a nice one if you read this before you go).

And so until then, buenos noches!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Karaoke - 17 May 2007

Oops, a bit late this week but it's just been one of those weeks where I've just been distracted with others things.

Still, here now and to make up for it here is, as promised, Sue & Mike "performing" Mikas Grace Kelly. Note to Sue: See, no You Tube ;)

I've got some other bits and bobs lying around that may make it up here sometime soon too. I won't be using Google video again though as it took nearly a week for that video to get processed. You Tube videos are usually up within an hour or so!

I thought I'd lost the tickets with the songs on his week but fortunately found them at the bottom of my inside coat pocket. This is how I write the songs down each week, on the back of slip tickets:

Given that it's nearly a week since the karaoke night I may have a couple of them wrong. A couple I'm not sure of are the very bottom left one which I have marked as 'Most Beautiful Wrong' which I've assumed is 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World' as I think I vaguely remember that being sung. Also 'Memphis' in the middle right of the first ticket. I'm sure it wasn't Walking In Memphis so have gone for Chuck Berrys Memphis although to be honest, considering I just put Morrisey for one of the songs it could quite frankly be anything! Beer was playing it's part it has to be said!

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but here's this[last] weeks songs:
  • Others: Robbie Williams - Angels
  • Scott: Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone
  • Others: Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
  • Shaun: Garth Brooks - Ain't Goin' Down Till The Sun Comes Up
  • Others: Englebert Humperdinck - After The Lovin'
  • Others: Englebert Humperdinck - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  • Others: Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies
  • Tina & Hayley: Britney Spears - I Love Rock N Roll
  • Others: Johnny Cash - San Quentin
  • Scott: Dave Edmunds - Girls Talk
  • Others: The Smiths - This Charming Man
  • Shaun: The Fray - How To Save A Life
  • Others: Jam - Going Underground
  • Others: Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are
  • Others: Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
  • Others: Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea
  • Tina & Hayley: Macy Gray - I Try
  • Others: Bob Dylan - Just Like A Woman
  • Others: Girls Aloud - Love Machine
  • Shaun & Andy: Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight
  • Scott: Def Leppard - Hysteria
  • Others: Billy Paul - Me & Mrs Jones
  • Others: Diana Ross - Chain Reaction
  • Others: Zoe Birkett - Get Happy
  • Others: Bobby Darin - Clementine
  • Others: Chuck Berry - Memphis
  • Scott: Rod Stewart - I Don't Want To Talk About It
  • Others: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John - Summer Nights
  • Tina & Hayley: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams


Garth Brooks - Ain't Goin' Down Till The Sun Comes Up - I said I'd have a go once I'd heard it a few times and so I did. I'd never really paid any attention to this song until I'd heard Andy have a crack at it a few times and have to say it's grown on me quite a lot. Was fun to do on the karaoke too and I thought it went ok. I'll definately be having another go at it sometime, probably on a Tuesday when it's country night ;) do-again-rating: 9/10

The Fray - How To Save A Life - Another songs that had avoided my attention for a while for some unknown reason. I really like this song and despite being a little low on the verses it was very enjoyable to sing. Another keeper! do-again-rating: 8/10

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight - It's not often that you see me and Andy on the mic at the same time, but after saying on Tuesday that I would give this a go with him, Andy was not about to let me off making good on that promise. And I'm glad he didn't!! Was great fun to do , although I must apologise as in my drunken state I veered off slightly into the NWA version of lyrics "if that b*tch starts f**king up, I'll just f**k her friend" as I actually knew that version BEFORE I'd even heard the original! I think that Andy and I will be doing this one again on a quiet night :) do-again-rating: 7/10

There's no karaoke with Andy this week unfortunately as he's swanned off to the Costa Del Sol, or somewhere abroad anyway, and I'm not aware of anyone covering for him. I'll be taking a trek up on the off chance that there might be some entertainment on but not counting on it.

I'm sure I'll find something else to blog about though. Maybe. Possibly...

Until then, Sia Nara

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Karaoke - 10 May 2007

It was back to normal song selection tonight after last weeks little venture into the world of female artists. I've still yet to upload my camera footage from that night but rest assured, it will be up and about within the next few days :)

I can't really think of much to say about the night though (possibly I'm having writers block, lol), but it was an enjoyable one and the hotel did have a few people in this week which made a refreshing change.

And so onto the songs sung this week:


Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm - A last minute decision to do this but glad I did so. Although it's a short song, it's typical monkeys with its catchy guitar riffs and lyrics heavily laden with that Sheffield accent. Easy to do and maybe one to do again (probably if I do an all AM song night!). do-again-rating: 6/10

Gym Class Heroes - Cupids Chokehold - Loving this track at the moment but probably didn't do it too much justice tonight. It wasn't bad but could be better and I'll probably try it again with the Sunfly version when that comes out. do-again-rating: 5/10

Maximo Park - Our Velocity - I wasn't overly convinced on this track when I first heard it but over time it has grown on me and is now a current favourite of mine. Hats off to Sunfly who've produced a cracking karaoke version of this and it was one of the most enjoyable new songs I've done in quite a while. Definately a keeper and will be done again. do-again-rating: 10/10

Stats are up to date don't forget. Shanias crept into a clear 2nd place (from out of nowhere!) but the Fratellis are still holding strong at the top of the artists leaderboard with their songs being sang 14 times. Scotts still got a very impressive 93% chance (55 different songs out of 59 sung) of singing something he's never done before although surely he's got to run out of songs at some point.....or has he?!?!?

That'll do for now as I've got some more Nod butt to kick in C+C3 but we'll be doing it all again next week as usual. Until then, Roger...over and out.

Well, almost. This is for Scott (templates for T-Shirts):
Right click and save to your pc. The first one is a totally blank canvas with the background set to transparent. The second one is the same one I used on the T-Shirt I was wearing last week so that you can see the sort of scale you need to use. Give me a shout on anything you're stuck on. I'm on MSN pretty much all the time ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Karaoke - 3rd May 2007

I couldn't do it every week, but we stuck to what we agreed to last Thursday and sang Female songs at this weeks karaoke. And in all fairness, it was a good laugh and gave us all an excuse to sing (i'll use that term loosely tonight!) those songs that secretly, deep down, you always wanted to have a go at ;)

The night was made better still by some of my work friends once more making the journey to the hotel and joining in with the fun and games, although in Sue's case she *is* the fun and games (and I mean that in a good way :) ) Sue singing Mika's Grace Kelly with Mike was just totally nuts and although I promised the video would never show up on You Tube, you just never know where else it might turn up once I've got it off the camera! I mean, it would be a shame to waste such quality entertainment ;) I've also got a little footage of Scott & Andy attempting Enough Is Enough but unfortunately (or fortunately for them) I'd forgotten to empty out the cameras memory card before I went out and so I got the dreaded 'Memory Card Full' message about 30 seconds into the song. I'll get them next time! I do believe that there is also some camera phone footage of me attempting to do Nelly Furtados Maneater which I'm sure wouldn't make for pleasant viewing and so should be consigned to memory card heaven, whoever has it!

Onto the songs and it was great to see that everyone made a good go at it. If I've got to spend a week listening to Amy Winehouse etc then I'm glad it wasn't for nothing, lol! I had a go at songs by Kelis, Amy Winehouse & Nelly Furtado, Scott tried a little Sophie Ellis Bextor & Beverley Knight and even Andy got it on the act with Fontella Bass' - Rescue Me. I think overall we got through the songs ok although some probably should be left to the females. Would I do any of them again? Probably not, unless of course it was some other drink fuelled dare again. ;)

And so, onto the full rundown of the songs sang on singing night:
  • Others: Shania Twain - Up!
  • Others: Joe Diffie - Honky Tonk Attitude
  • Shaun: Kelis - Trick Me
  • Tina, Lisa & Hayley: Macy Gray - I Try
  • Others: Westlife - I Don't Wanna Fight
  • Scott: Sophie Ellis Bextor - Catch You
  • Others: Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
  • Andy: Fontella Bass - Rescue Me
  • Others: Alison Moyet - That Ole Devil Called Love
  • Others: Buddy Holly - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  • Others: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song
  • Others: The Killers - All These Things That I've Done
  • Shaun: Amy Winehouse - Rehab
  • Others: Mika - Grace Kelly
  • Tina, Lisa & Hayley: Carly Simon - You're So Vain
  • Others: Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Scott: Beverley Knight - Come As You Are
  • Others: Burt Bacharach - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  • Others: Hear'Say - Pure And Simple
  • Others: Neil Diamond - Hello Again
  • Others: Frank Sinatra - My Way
  • Others: Elvis - Devil In Disguise
  • Others: Elton John - Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  • Scott & Andy: Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
  • Others: Bowling For Soup - High School Never Ends
  • Others: Labi Siffre - Something Inside So Strong
  • Shaun: Nelly Furtado - Maneater
  • Tina & Hayley: Lily Allen - LDN


Kelis - Trick Me - Funnily enough it was only a couple of weeks or so ago that I was trying to get the girls to sing this. I'd never have thought at the time that I'd end up filling my own request! I like this track though and it was quite funky to sing. Hopefully I'll get to hear it again although without me behind the mic next time ;) do-again-rating: 2/10

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - She looks like a bloke, sounds like a bloke.... are you sure "she's" not a bloke! Either way, I must admit to actually liking her sixties-ish sounding records and I enjoyed having a go at this one. I'm tempted to try Back To Black once I know it a little better, maybe! do-again-rating: 4/10

Nelly Furtado - Maneater - It was a choice at this point between this, Pinks Get The Party Started and Avril Lavignes Sk8ter Boi. After a brief attempt at home of all three I think Maneater was the one to avoid most blushes with (and leave with me with some sort of throat left!). Of the three, this was my worst, but I gave it a go and now I know not to do it again :) do-again-rating: 0/10

Back to normal next week, song-wise at least and hopefully not in terms of people in the pub as it was busy-ish this Thursday. Maybe in a couple of weeks time we'll give this 'theme night' another bash, who knows, I'm certainly up for it! Until then, arrivadeci.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Champions League woes

Firstly, I'm not a Man Utd fan, but having seen them play [on TV] quite a few times this season they've been the outstanding team of the year so far in my opinion.

Unfortunately, just when they needed to perform at a crucial stage, they were shockingly inept and have now crashed out of the Champions League Semi-Final with a 3-0 defeat away to AC Milan. Having watched the dross of Liverpool v Chelsea from last night (I thought the first leg was bad, but jeez, these two teams are dire) I was convinced that Man Utd would get to the final and give Liverpool a good spanking but it now looks like it Milan will that get that honour.

Somehow I can't see Liverpool coming back from 3-0 down again which is going to be my predicted scoreline. You can currently get 4/5 (bet365, Paddy Power, SkyBet) for AC Milan to win the champs league and much as I'd like an English team to win it, I just can't see it happening now.