Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Price You Pay....

For the first time in his four & half year existance, little Joshy finally had his first haircut at the barber shop. This makes a change from either mummy or myself doing it with the hair clippers, something that the neighbours must have thought we were trying to kill him he screamed so much over it. It's probably my fault that he doesn't like having his hair cut since I once nicked his ear with a pair of scissors trying to cut off one of them stray hairs (didn't realise an ear would bleed so much!!!!). So, time to get my hair trimmed and I thought I'd ask him if he wanted his cut too expecting the usual "when I'm five" answer. He iffed and arred and so I said I'd throw in a new England strip if he agreed to it (I know...I'm a sucker!) and suprisingly, he agreed. Even better, when he was sat in the seat, he was unbelievably calm and seemed to enjoy the experience......yay!

Not one to renege on my blatant bribe, I took him down to JJB to take a look at the strips on offer. On arrival he asks me who the team in blue are on the poster outside JJB sports. It is of course Chelsea but a swift "this is not the team you are looking for" Jedi mind trick (learned from Amy ;)) soon puts paid to any thoughts of him taking home said strip. Once inside we head to the replica shirts section to check out and the England strips and he sees the Man Utd ones. Now I'm not sure where it came from (there are a couple of kids in the street that he plays with who also have Man U strips) but he knew who that kit belonged to. "Daddy, is that Manchester and United?" he asks. Ok, he's not quite got the name right but he's spot on. "Yep, it is, England shirts are this way" I reply. "I want a Manchester shirt. A red one with number 10 on it" he say's. I show him a few other shirts but at this point he just wants a Man U strip and when a four year old sets his mind on wanting something then it's only going to end in tears if you don't give in and bow to their demand (a bit like a wife really! :p )

And so, sporting a new haircut and Man Utd strip (with the number 10 on the back!) we now have one very happy son as you can tell in the photo above. He couldn't wait to get the strip on and go outside in it.

That's the first football strip excursion done and dusted. Could have been worse I suppose had he decided he wanted the blue strip, I think I might have taken the tears if that had happened. And thank goodness they currently don't sell any red and white striped shirts, that's more than this father could bear!!! :o

Monday, May 12, 2008

When I Grow Up....

... I want to be a hypnotist!

"Look Into My Eyes"

Picture of Amy taken a month ago in a dress she wore for a christening. I think she's trying to pull the old Jedi mind tricks here: "This is not the girl you are looking for"!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing with photos..

..or rather, how to spend a few hours trawling the net for stuff you weren't looking for in the first place! I started the night looking for software to create photo collages and ended up reading a whole load of tutorials and hints & tips on achieving various effects to your photo collection. At least it was sort of related!

Anyways, here's a couple of photos I've been messing with:

Josh & Amy - Photo within Photo style

Captain Jack, me & some random passer by ;) - in a Scanner Darkly style!

Browsing through my photos made me realise just how many I've got (and forgotten about!) on my hard drive. One of my objectives this week has got to be to label, backup to DVD and archive them off to the mirrored network storage for keeps. Scary to think how much I could lose if my hard-drive failed - touches wood frantically!! :o

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Disneyland Paris trip

Click here for photo gallery

Our first Disneyland parade:

A little photo montage of Josh's meetings with the Disney characters: