Monday, September 8, 2008

Kitchen Update

Well, it didn't quite go to plan and this week has been a lot more hard work than I thought it would be. Currently there's still the tiling to be done and the walls smoothed in places and painted.

The task wasn't made easier when, after ripping down the first lot of units, we discovered the most inept wiring we'd ever seen. The main ring was basically hanging out at the back of the units with sockets acting as 2/3 way spurs off to other sockets and a cooker cable that was ripped through the plasterboard. The only thing we could do was to rip the wall down, re-wire it and board it back up. This cost a good couple of days in time plus the time we had to wait for a plumber to remove a gas pipe that we would no longer use and right where the electric oven needed to go.

Things went fairly smoothly after that but still took a lot longer than originally anticipated. There was some re-wiring that needed to on the other side of the room but it was not on the same scale as the outer wall.

Here's some piccies of how it's all going. Hopefully by the end of this week it'll all be done. The tiling is being completed tomorrow and I'll be trying to get the painting and coving up after work!

Click for piccies

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