Monday, September 29, 2008

New track - Warfare

I'm on a roll.... this is my latest track which is probably finished but may tweak a bit more (possibly to extend it).

I had wanted to do a 'war themed' track for a while and decided upon the Iraq theatre after starting to watch the series, Generation Kill. The track is trance based, written in FL Studio (my weapon of choice!) and uses Vangard for it's main synths. Samples are taken mainly from Generation Kill apart from the Dick Cheney part which was from an audio clip of his speech. There is no reason for the choice of the Cheney sample other than the fact that it fitted well in the track.

So, here is my latest track, constructive criticism welcome!


Lord Russtifer said...

Really like this,very proffessional sounding.The lock and load sample about two thirds through fits brilliantly as well,nice one chief!

Shaun said...

hey Russ! How's things?

I'll pop up the hotel on a Tuesday in the next week or so as we're trying to move football to a monday now :)

Lord Russtifer said...

All welcome,be good to see ya back in there on Tuesdays matey!!!